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UP! 3D Printer Extruder Head

Posted by dBauen on October 23, 2011

The simplicity of the UP! 3D printer extruder head is revolutionary, especially for application for the DIY 3D printers.  All of the DIY extruder head designs up to this point are plagued with problems.  Most are due to the larger 3mm fillament size, but now 1.75mm fillament is available and requires substantially less force to extrude.  A small stepper can be used to direct drive the fillament.

The major innovation is using a cooling fan and heat sink to cool the entrance to the extruder.  This creates a very small temperature differential, and gives greater control of the point at which the plastic will melt.  This prevents backflow, jamming, and a slew of other problems.  It also reduces the overall height of the extruder.  I noticed that makerbots have copied this design for their newest extruders.

Click here for the complete take apart.


Posted by Bobby on
Thank you for taking the time to share your lgewkodne with the rest of us. I feel so good that I made the repair in under 15 minutes, I did what another person suggested, I bought 3 parts and shipping for $11.75 Parts come out of New Jersey. And yes the hardest part is putting in the new one but I was patient and didn't trim the plastic. For anyone thinking about this just do it! And finally a big F YOU to Samsung customer support for pretending this problem doesn't exist.
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Posted by ömer zafer on
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Posted by Nguyendinhcu on
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Posted by Dinesh Suthar on
Dear Sir,

we want to buy extruder head for 3D printer. please give us your contact details.
Posted by Matt on
Thanks for the help! Is this technology being used anywhere else?
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